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Follow the steps below to place an order:

Step 1: Choose the category you wish to browse.

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Step 2: Choose the product and click in to view the product details

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Step 3: Click BUY NOW (buy immediately) or ADD TO CART (view other products)

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Step 4: Press the shopping bag icon on the top right after adding all the items to the cart. (skip this & next step if you pressed BUY NOW)

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Step 5: Apply Voucher Code & Click CHECK OUT 

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Step 6: Choose EXPRESS CHECKOUT if  you are registered customer  or create a new account after clicking on EXPRESS CHECKOUT.

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Step 6: Fill in your details and  select a payment method. Then, click PLACE ORDER NOW.

Step 7: Click apply to use store credit 

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Step 7 (SenangPay): Fill in your credit card and debit card detail and click PAY 

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